Partner UP

Whether you give of your time, prayers, finances, or physical labor, it is important that you obey what the LORD is telling you to do.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Many people give of these things for the wrong reasons, but the bottom line is that you ONLY do what the LORD has put on your heart to do.  JESUS is the SOURCE of this Ministry.  The resources that HE has blessed all of us with are to be used through us to reach out to others.

You might think what I’m saying is hard to swallow, but it’s true.  The ONE we need to provide all things is the ONE who provides the blessings for all of us to live.

A great saying is:  “If we do things God’s way, HE pays the bills; if we do things our way, we pay the bills”.  I would rather do it HIS way!

So this Ministry appreciates the ones that are obedient to the LORD.  

If HE says be a partner in some way, then OBEY, Partner Up!  

If HE says not to be a partner, then OBEY, DON’T Partner Up!

You might not be able to do what we do, as our callings are different.  So when you partner with us, we are like a hand and you are like an arm; we are reaching out because you are being obedient to stretch out your arm.

We want to encourage you to stay out of debt; be free! 


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